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  1. ECOM S2516 16 Ports 100M  Web Smart Switch
  2. ECOM S2516 16 Ports 100M  Web Smart Switch
  3. ECOM S2516 16 Ports 100M  Web Smart Switch
  4. ECOM S2516 16 Ports 100M  Web Smart Switch

ECOM S2516 16 Ports 100M Web Smart Switch

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ECOM S2516 16 Ports 100M Web Smart Switch

  1. Detailed information
Product Description:

Smart ethernet switch filled in a gap between non-WEB management switch and full web management switch, it not only with many functions of L2 full WEB management switch that can manage and monitor the network, but also, its price and management are not as expensive and complex as full WEB management switch, it is an ideal choice for those growing enterprises to built cost-effective and high-efficiency network.

ECOM S2516 is L2 line speed smart ethernet switch self-developed by LONGWAY. The switch provides 16 10/100M auto-negotiation ethernet port, support for WEB management, port bandwidth control, port mirroring, port trunking, VLAN classification, QoS control strategy, security settings and other functions. It provides a low-cost, highly reliable solution for internet bars, hotels, intelligent communities, small and medium enterprises to achieve network intelligent and secure.

Excellent Performance
All 16 ports are support non-blocking, full wire-speed forwarding, to provide you with powerful data processing capabilities;32Kbps fine granularity port bandwidth control, according to different users with different business needs, precise control of each port to send and receive rate, to help you allocate reasonably the bandwidth resources and improve bandwidth utilization.

Broadcast storm control function can control the received broadcast and multicast packet traffic effectively, to avoid network congestion and protect your network running normally.

Stable and Reliable
Trunking function can put multiple ports together and form a group and create a high bandwidth link. It not only can meet the high bandwidth requirements, but also can achieve link redundancy, and improve the network reliability.

Support STP (Spanning Tree Protocol), provides link redundancy backup when avoid the network generating loop circuit, to make the network running more stable and reliable.

Multicast applications

IGMP Snooping function can manage and controlthe multicast group, so that the multicast data can be only transmitted to the recipient in need, save bandwidth, enhanced security of multicast information, and meet the demands of multicast applications, such as video conferencing, video on demand, etc.

The broadcast and multicast traffic within the same VLAN will not be forwarded to other VLAN groups, so, the division of VLAN can contribute to controlling traffic, simplifying network management and improving security. S2516 support port based VLAN and 802.1Q VLAN, can limit the broadcast domain, improve the information security and bandwidth utilization, and enhance the capacity of multi-service applications. Meanwhile, the product also support many to one setting, can help you divide VLAN that multi-port to a destination port faster and easier.

S2516 also with security setting function, support MAC address binding, TCP-UDP port filtering, can effectively control the legality of Internet access and protect your network security.

QoS Control Strategy

S2516 with a wealth of QoS control strategies, support port number priority mode of port-based, 802.1p, IP TOS / DS, and TCP / UDP, each port with 4 priority queues, coordinate strict priority(SP) or a weighted round robin (WRR) queue scheduling algorithm, provide an ideal solution for those demanding new business to bandwidth, delay and jitter, such as telephone conferencing, video-on-demand.

Simple Management
Support port mirroring function, you can monitor network packets access and sent. To the internet bar users, it can easily submit data to the public security department for review. To the business users, it can control the internal data well, also helps to find the fault point quickly and accurately when the network crashes.
S2516 WEB management interface fully in English, to provide you with an intuitive and secure management platform, and convenient for system upgrade and maintenance; At the same time, support the import and export of configuration files, to make your management process become easier and efficient.

Product Features:

Comply with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE 802.1Q, IEEE 802.1p standard

16 10/100M auto-negotiation RJ45 port, support Auto-MDI/MDIX
All ports support half / full duplex mode auto-negotiation
Using storage-forward switching mode
Support MAC address self-learning
Support port bandwidth control, broadcast storm control and trunk
Support IGMP (V1, V2) Snooping (multicast applications)
Support port based VLAN, 802.1Q VLAN, and many-to-one setting
Support VLAN across function
Support port-based, 802.1p, IP TOS / DS, and TCP / UDP port number, priority QoS
Support MAC address binding, TCP-UDP port number filtering security settings
Support port mirroring and port traffic statistics function
Support full English WEB management interface
LED indicators light dynamic display the status of equipment and provide a simple troubleshooting

19 inch standard rack-mounted steel design

Hardware Specification
Standards and Protocols
IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE 802.1D, IEEE 802.1Q, IEEE 802.1p
Fixed Port
16 10/100 auto-negotiation RJ45 ports
Cable Type
10Base-T: Category 3/4/5 UTP, support maximum transmission distance 100m
100Base-TX: CAT5 UTP, support maximum transmission distance 100m
LED Indicators
Power, Link/Act 1~16, Speed 1~16
Background Bandwidth
MAC Address Table
Forwarding Rate
10Mbps: 14880PPS
100Mbps: 148800PPS
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Input Voltage
Power Consumption
< 13W
Working Temperature
Store Temperature
Operating Humidity
10%~90% RH Non-Condensing
Storage Humidity
5%~90% RH Non-Condensing
Heat Dissipation
Natural heat dissipation
Software Specification
Port Management
Port setting
Set the port's basic information, such as rate, duplex mode
Bandwidth control
Broadcast storm control
Max frame size
Set the send / receive bytes of switch
Port statistics
VLAN Setting
Port based VLAN
Based on 802.1Q VLAN
Many-to-one setting
quickly send data from multi-port to a destination port
QoS Setting
QOS setting
Port number that based on ports, 802.1p, IP TOS/DS and TCP/UDP
Queue scheduling algorithm
Support first-in first-out(FIFO), strict priority(SP), weighted round robin(WRR)
Security Setting
MAC address binding
TCP/UDP port number filtering
STP Setting(Spanning Tree Protocol)
STP Bridge setting
Set STP bridge protocol
STP port setting
Set switch ports that enable STP function
Circularity detection
EOC Detection
EOC detection
Support detection and recognition function of EOC equipment on the ports
Other Settings
Time out setting
Set the frame timeout in the output queue
VLAN across
IGMP(V1, V2)Snooping
VLAN Uplink setting
System Management
WEB management
Modify the user name and password
IP address modification
System state
Display some of the system parameters of switch, such as: software versions.
Back up and recover current configuration
Restore factory setting
Packing List
  Power line
  ECOM S2516 smart ethernet switch
  User manual(include the Certificate of Approval and Warranty Card)
  Mounting bracket and screw
  Rubber foot

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