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  1. ECOM S2026GF 48GE + 4 SFP 10G Managed Switch
  2. ECOM S2026GF 48GE + 4 SFP 10G Managed Switch
  3. ECOM S2026GF 48GE + 4 SFP 10G Managed Switch

ECOM S2026GF 48GE + 4 SFP 10G Managed Switch

  • No.:ECOM
  • Brand :S2026GF
  • Weight:5KG

ECOM S2026GF 48GE + 4 SFP 10G Managed Switch

  1. Detailed information

48GE TP +4SFP+ 10G Ethernet Web smart SNMP Combo CLI Telnet Console NMS Managed VLAN Enterprise Fiber optic Network Switch support Ring

StrongTechnical Team 48GE TP +4SFP+10G L3 gigabit Ethernet SNMP Combo CLI Telnet Console NMS Managed VLAN Fiber Network Switch



This 10G management Fiber optic ethernet Network switch is a BCM chip based on the standard three-layer non-blocking switch. With modular design, 48 multiplexed 1000M Ethernet ports, 2 integrated 10G optical ports(optional), providing sufficient data for aggregation and core data exchange Of the bandwidth; to provide high-capacity switching capabilities to support based on the three or four layers of ACL function. Perfect security control strategy and CPU protection policy to improve fault tolerance and ensure stable operation of the network and link load balancing. The device supports automatic DoS attack defense and SNMP, IEEE 802.1, spanning tree and spanning tree protocol, Link aggregation and other functions, suitable for small and medium enterprises, campus network, Internet cafes and the use of the edge of the metropolitan area network.


Product Features:

With 56/88/100/128G/256G backplane bandwidth, wire-speed three-tier exchange packet forwarding rate of 96Mpps.

Support software dynamic routing, static routing function.


Support traditional STP / RSTP / MSTP Layer 2/4/8 link protection technology to ensure stable operation of the network.

Can be managed through the Web, SNMP Console telnet and other ways.

Support 10 Gigabit port aggregation function: link aggregation, improve network bandwidth; link backup, to ensure network security.

Supports port-based user IP + MAC address authentication.

Support CPU protection strategy, the CPU packets sent to the traffic classification and flow limit, to avoid illegal attacks on the CPU attacks and resource consumption.

Support storm control function, can unicast, broadcast, unknown unicast message storm suppression.

Support restore factory settings via reset button.

Support ring network detection, innovative network diagnostic function.

Low-carbon environmental protection and energy conservation, follow the IEEE 802.3az port to provide low-power idle mode, according to the cable length of the corresponding output power adjustment, and support port sleep.




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